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New Jersey Property Tax Appeals


As we crawl out of winter and into spring season, most people are wondering what may result from the always daunting upcoming tax season.  Although it may be the surrounding ambiguity that makes most of us avoid April 15 until the last minute, there is one certainty; Taxes take Time and Time = Money. (more…)

The Pros & Cons of Seller Financing


The past few years, we all know that we have been dealing with a recessed economy.  In terms of business brokerage and commercial real estate, there is only one thing that comes to mind; financial struggles and reduced business/property values.  I have seen one continuous theme in the past five years, and that is financing becoming a hard thing to come by.  Banks have stiffened lending parameters, and owners have become less and less willing to consider financing a portion of the purchase price themselves.

There are a few reasons why most owners will not consider holding a note on a business and/or property which are very clear cut. For our purposes here, we will focus on business acquisitions.